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Revolutionizing the paver industry.

Brick Logik Auto
Brick Logik Process
BRICK LOGIK is the future of designing and building hardscapes and landscapes. Leading the crew is Adolfo López and Alex Peñaflor, two leaders with great ambition, drive, and passion to create the best outdoor living spaces in the Midwest.
Why we do what we do:  Pure pleasure. We want everyone to experience the bliss of having a unique outdoor living area created just for them.
Our Mission: Revolutionize the hardscape and landscape industry by integrating cutting-edge technology & outdoor living.


Our Values:  BRICK LOGIK values fairness, honesty, excellence, and service. We treat our clients the way we wish to be treated. We don't go above and beyond, we're already there.
What we do: We design and create stunning outdoor living areas by designing them with 3D software and building them with a highly trained crew.
Where we do what we do: BRICK LOGIK serves,
Aurora, Naperville, North Aurora, Bolingbrook, Downers Grove,  Lisle, Montgomery, Oswego, Plainfield, St. Charles, Sugar Grove, Woodridge, and Yorkville.
Adolfo López and Alex Peñaflor are Professional Landscape and Hardscape designers that use 3D CAD Software to communicate their visions with their clients. Their 3D presentations make it easy for clients to visualize their ideas.
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