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Every image on this website depicts actual work designed and completed by Brick Logik, LLC
Let's Create the Ultimate Vision

Visualize, analyze, and experience ideas from the comfort of your home.

3-D Landscape or Brick Paver Patio Designs
BRICK LOGIK is not your ordinary brick paving company. We're innovators, trendsetters, creators, and fun people who have a passion for designing and building unique outdoor living areas. BRICK LOGIK uses the latest advances in 3D technology to help our clients visualize even the most demanding landscape design projects. The installation results achieved through our 3D designs are extremely accurate and reliable giving you the perfect patio or landscape. 2D blueprints are great for the construction process of the project, but designing the project in 3D guarantees that you know what your getting before we break ground. Let BRICK LOGIK design your patio using our 3D CAD software. S​chedule a consultation now.
Community Outdoor Living Area
Walkway 3D design
3D patio design
Outdoor Kitchen Design
3D Pool Design
Hire a professional brick paver contractor like Brick Logik and get the job done right
5 Yellow Stars Highlighting that Brick Logik installations come with a 5 year warranty.
5 Year Warranty
Are you looking for creative ideas and visuals for your next outdoor project? Overwhelmed by all the options, colors, possibilities? Can't find a professional contractor who you can trust?
Brick Logik is here to help.

We're passionate about design and love to brainstorm ideas that work within budgets. All projects are important to us. Whether you need a simple walkway entrance or a 1,000 sq ft. outdoor living room, we'll design it for you and get the job done right at a fair price.

Let us show you what we can do. 

Schedule a design consultation with one of our 3D designers. 

Don't wait, click the button below or call 855-332-7425.
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